Delightful piece of classic Bill R writing. Charming, subtle & amusing. Reminds me of the pieces Bill presented on CBC Sunday Edition with Michael Enright, and of course Bill's Roundup - Dear Sad Goat !

J. McC.

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YOU HAVE SUCH AMAZING STORIES! I think about the chutzpah it would take to improvise like that. But also about how people are hooked by things they'd like to believe ("An actual count love me!") and then how hard one would have to work not to believe whatever came next because then one would have to accept that one was a sucker, an then an even worse sucker, and then an even worse sucker... How humiliating.

Six Degrees of Separation remains a favourite play and movie.

(That ballerina photo. Oh dear. Those legs and that dress.)

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Should I be fortunate enough to get another turn on this earth beyond my current one, I shall aim to become a barker for a snake show. It would be so fun to fill out the “what is your profession” question…

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